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Didn't find anything suitable in the shop?

Let's design your dream hair accessories or earrings together.

We design your jewelery perfectly to match your dress and your wishes.

You experience the creation of your unique jewelry up close and are part of the creative process.

Contact us and we will discuss together how we can put your ideas into practice.

We look forward to your inquiry and the joint design of your dream jewellery.

The process is then as follows:

1. Advice and offer

After you have told us your wishes and ideas regarding hair accessories and/or earrings and, if necessary, sent photos of your bridal look, we will advise you, check the feasibility and make you an offer.


2. Deposit

If you agree to this, a deposit of 50% is due. This deposit will later be offset against the total amount.


3. Manufacturing

We will keep you up to date during the production. Please note that the production time for custom-made products can vary greatly, so please let us know by when you need the piece of jewelery at the latest.

4. Shipping

After the final approval, the remaining 50% of the total amount is due and we will send you your unique and individual piece of jewelry.

Custom made hair accessories
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