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Dila accessories  
Braut Haarschmuck Blumen
Dila Accessoires - your sustainable bridal glamor, designed and handmade in Germany

Born out of a love for design and jewelry, Dila Accessoires is the very personal company of the heart of founder Dila Dagli. The origin: her own wedding, for which she designed a headpiece herself. Countless compliments and more and more inquiries followed and at some point it was clear to the creative founder: her passion should take shape in her own label.


The meaning of the name Dila (meaning "heart, the hearty", "the way into my heart", "love") seems predetermined. Because she puts not only craftsmanship and precision into her bridal accessories, but also dedication and great attention to detail. This creates magical bridal jewelry that exudes sensual romance and modern zeitgeist at the same time. The earrings and hair accessories present themselves in a delicate look and score with a wealth of facets. Filigree flowers combine to create romantic designs or shimmering pearls and sparkling stones set glamorous accents. The bridal jewelry from Dila Accessoires is a stylish combination of understatement and the wow factor. Charming extras that successfully complement any bridal look - whether boho, vintage, classic or modern.


The designer attaches great importance to a sustainable value chain, from the materials to the packaging. Every bridal accessory is designed in-house and handcrafted in the studio in Germany. This creates magical unique items that are as special as the day they are worn. After all, bridal jewelry is more than just a wedding day accessory - it is a symbol and a loving keepsake that can be passed on as an emotional legacy.


Dila Accessoires offers ready-to-wear bridal jewelry, which can be ordered in the online shop, but can also be customized. The designer also responds to requests with individual custom-made products, with which she accompanies brides on their journey to the personal accessories they want. A fitting is possible in the showroom in Leonberg near Stuttgart, and Dila Accessoires are also available in selected bridal concept stores.


Made to treasure. Made to love. Made to remember

 Meaning of Dila:

  • The way into my heart

  • Heart, the cordial one

  • My heart! (in the sense of: I speak to my soul)

  • love

Dila Dagli stellt handgemachte selbst designte Headpieces professionell und detailorientiert her. Passend zu jeder Braut wird ein Headpiece entworfen.
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